Bewildered Beginning’s !!

At certain stage of life we all started up newly without predicting where we’ll end up and it might not be the best start of our life but still it is a must count on today too. Yes, It’s all about the start but what to do when we are still to figure out our start??
You’ll be puzzled, frightened, excited, depressed, motivated, demotivated,… a mixture of all at a single time. There might be people to guide you, there might be friends to hold you, there might be family to support you but none of it gonna work cauz it’s all happening in a dazzled state of mind. And finally it will bring you back to ‘The Road not Taken’ a poetry by ‘Robert Frost’. Now you have to imagine yourself as him and either you can choose your own path or let someone else lead you.
“Don’t watch your steps better command them”.